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Flyover_new_1.jpg (13300 bytes)

Shot 1 of new BNSF Flyover

Flyover_new_2.jpg (22413 bytes)

Shot 2 of new BNSF Flyover

Flyover_new_3.jpg (19461 bytes)

Shot 3 of new BNSF Flyover

308.jpg (12365 bytes)

MP308...we sit here a lot waiting to get into KC.

75rail.jpg (19107 bytes)

View of 75 rail.

75rail_view.jpg (27039 bytes)

BNSF coal train under 75 rail.

KAW_River_Bridge.jpg (15425 bytes)

KAW River bridge and we are on 75 rail.

Rainbows.jpg (5518 bytes)

Double rainbow, full rainbows.

Glistening_rails.jpg (17297 bytes)

Glistening rails!

Conductors_view.jpg (12554 bytes)

View ahead from Conductor's side.

View of Conductor's desk in NS locomotive

Looking East from Neff Yard 306 rail

Yellow "Approach" Signal

Engineer's desk

Out the Windshield

Just in case you were wondering.

dcLINK.jpg (11921 bytes)

Recognize the name if you're from DSI?

FogWall.jpg (7830 bytes)

Heading for a fog wall.

Sunrise on way to Parsons, KS.

Photos on the Job